How much do we like Taco Bell?

How much do you like Taco Bell

At Taco Bell, when we say “we’re feeding peoples’ lives with mas,” we mean it.

We make bold food you can’t get anywhere else. It’s food that ignites passion. It’s food you want to talk about. It’s food that you’ve got to have and can’t wait to eat again. And it always delivers more for your money. For over a decade, we’ve been especially busy doing just that.

Today, we continue to provide the boldest and freshest flavors – food that’s customizable and fits your lifestyle, with a commitment to never compromise on flavor. Whether you’re looking for vegetarian, made without gluten, high protein, lower calorie/lower fat, in the mood for something indulgent, or all of the above, Taco Bell has food for all.

We’re also making it easier for you to learn what’s in our food. We were one of the first quick service restaurants to post full nutrition information online, and now we’re making it even easier to understand what’s in our food. Our nutrition calculator allows you to customize and calculate your favorite order, so you can make an informed decision.

For us, it’s not enough that we’re offering affordable, craveable, innovative choices. It has to be food you feel good about, with ingredients you understand. Over the years, we’ve been making significant improvements to the quality of our food – like reducing sodium across our menu by 15 percent since 2008. Now, we’re pushing ourselves to grow that number by an additional 10 percent, for a 25 percent reduction across our menu. We’ve also simplified our food by removing artificial flavors and colors, and replacing them with natural alternatives, as well as removing added trans fat, high fructose corn syrup and unsustainable palm oil from our food. We’re a brand that also has a finger on the pulse with issues you care about. That’s why we’re expanding our cage-free eggs commitment to not only source 100% cage-free eggs for our breakfast menu, but to also source 100% cage-free egg ingredients for our core menu by January 2018. It’s also why we serve chicken raised without antibiotics important to human medicine in our U.S. restaurants. The best part is we’re doing all of this without compromising on the flavor you love and the value you expect from us.

We believe everyone deserves good food – food that fits your lifestyle, ingredients that are simple to understand, and quality you can feel good about. We are proud of what we’ve accomplished and we remain committed to creating craveable tastes and being transparent with you.


Passion for good food runs deep at Taco Bell. We have a hard-working team of chefs and other culinary experts who collaborate and build on what our customers tell us they want. Our menu developer and registered dietitian Missy Schaaphok plays a big role in how we’re creating food that’s fun; food you want to eat again; and food that fits your lifestyle. Meet Missy.


Missy is a ten year seasoned professional within the food industry. She joined the Taco Bell family to create innovative menu items that meet a variety of lifestyles, while always delivering on the flavor, taste and value loved and expected at Taco Bell. She spends her days working with Taco Bell’s core food innovation team to continue to create a craving for tastes previously unimagined matched with food people feel good about eating. When it comes to ingredients, Missy and the team consult with top nutrition experts to determine where improvements can be made – with ingredients that are easy to understand and responsibly sourced. As someone who believes in nutrition, ingredient integrity and great flavors, she champions for good food to be more accessible and convenient for all, while always being food that ignites passion. Missy and our food experts are constantly listening to what’s important to consumers – from everything to vegetarian and high-protein options to simpler ingredients and options that help make those better-for-you choices easier – in order to deliver an experience that feeds their lives with más.

She takes great pride and responsibility in her role as a menu developer and Taco Bell’s dietitian – proud of what we have accomplished, excited for what is to come and the opportunity to provide good food for all – those 45 million customers that come Taco Bell restaurants each week.

There are lots of Taco bells, but do you like at least one of them? Taco bell is a delicious restaurant for many people to enjoy. Are you just good enough to like it?

Do YOU like Taco Bell? Taco bell is great, but do you have the knowledge to answer some questions ABOUT Taco Bell? Find out on this quiz/test. Be ready to answer!

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  3. Have you ever went to Taco Bell on a special event (christmas, halloween, birthday, etc.)?
  4. What types of sauce do you bring after you order?
  5. What type of food you get most often?
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